1a) Domestic satellite installation WARRANTEES. Where we have surveyed, chosen, supplied & installed 'all' equipment there is an automatic 12 month parts & labour guarantee for any defects in the equipment supplied & for gusts of wind up to 60mph for good functionality at 50dBW EIRP & gusts of up to 100mph survival at normal air pressure or wind pressure equivalent force unless otherwise stated in writing at the time & exclludes damage caused by a third party not connected with the company including accidental damage or electrical damage caused by other equipment a customer owns. We recommend to avoid using equipment over a certain age &/or having media equipment checked periodically, partrticularly if you spot a fault - do not ignore it, particularly old Sky boxes that have been used & kept hot for years, old TVs, old VCRs & cheap equipment with equally cheap power supplies. 

1b Broadcast Satellite installations are guaranteed for 12 months parts & labour up to 60mph good functionality for broadcast use & up to 125mph at normal air pressure or wind pressure equivalent survival- subject to the terms & equipment applied for any individual broadcast installations.

1c) Where some or all equipment is supplied by a 3rd party or the customer, we guarantee the work of installation & any parts we supplied for 12 months but exclude 3rd party supplied equipment or if 3rd party supplied equipment causes any equipment we have supplied to become defective or under perform. 
NOTE: We spend considerable time & undertake hidden costs testing equipment & ensuring the equipment we supply is of good condition & quality, consistent in manufacture & supply continuity & is from known genuine trade sources & not sourced via mail order companies [some selected items are shipped in from abroad].

1d) We are not liable for 3rd party actions, defects in 3rd party supplied equipment including that that damages equipment we have supplied, eg electrical faults from other equipment damaging our supplied equipment. We are not liable for defects in buildings but may offer advice & perform temporary remedial work or cancel work until the issue is dealt with, but always advise any such issues are inspected by an independent specialist & remedied.

1c) All products are subject to survey &/or availability, prices are subject to change without notoce eg in cases or exchange rate changes or supplier changes we will try to maintain the same pricing as much as possible to any pratical level.

2) Neither Purplesat nor BCS Satellites supply channels or subscriptions to channels, nor do they own or lease satellites/ transponders or channel space & are not liable for the decisions of broadcasters to change the channels they broadcast in any way. Channels can change at any time without notice, move, be replaced with others, move within a satellite's available frequencies/ transponders/ pids, change format or move to another satellite or encryption or any channel starting or closing. Some channels are changing on a daily/ hourly basis as a whole. It is the responsibility of the customer to access & update channels & if they require, arrange subscription services.

2a) The company does not supply unnoficial services  to receive / decript otherwise pay to view encrypted channels.

3) Purplsat / BCS Satellites reserve the right to refuse any installation if in their judgement it is not suitable.

4) Returns policy. In the event of a consumer wishing to return an item that has been supplied as a supply only mail order product & has not been installed by the company & has no faults & has not been damaged & orginal packaging is retained without damage by the customer & is requested cancelled within 14 days, subject to EU legislation consumer rights 14 day cancelattion period, the company reserves the right to charge fair & reasonable post & packing & deduct for any damages.
Where an installation has taken place & there are no faults, this is deemed the creation of immovable property & as such is excluded in the legislation [see part c) of Act limitations section]. All other rights are not afected.


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